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Contact the NCSI


For more information about the National Conference of Secular Institutes (NCSI), please contact the current president:

Miss Mary Leavy

e-mail: president@secularinstitutes.co.uk

Member Institutes

Blessed Sacrament Institute (Servitium Christi)

Caritas Christi
e-mail MaryEardley@aol.com

Cordimarian Filiation (Claretian Secular Institute)
16 Asa Court, 171 Old Station Road,
Hayes Middlesex UB3 4NA

Dominican Secular Institute
18 Broomfield Place, Earlsdon, Coventry CV5 6GY
e-mail janetwilts@aol.com

The Grail
The Grail, The Hermitage, Cheriton Road,
Winchester, Hants SO22 5HW
e-mail m.leigh@grailsociety.org.uk

The Leaven (Carmelite)
e-mail theleavensi@gmail.com

Notre-Dame de Vie (Carmelite)
email monivarenne@yahoo.fr

Servite Secular Institute (Servae S. Mariae)
e-mail vocations@ssi.org.uk

St Boniface Institute
e-mail marialohre@yahoo.de