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The Grail Secular Institute

Prayer Mary Grasar

Moira Leigh
The Grail
The Hermitage
Cheriton Road
Hants SO22 5HW
Tel: 01962 859870
e-mail: m.leigh@grailsociety.org.uk

The Grail website:

The Grail Secular Institute offers a particular way of life to single or widowed Catholic women who make a formal comitment to live out their baptismal promises through the channel of the Grail and its mission.

There are two ways of belonging, as members of the Grail Community or as individual members (Companions). All members seek to find God in their everyday life situations.

Community members live together, expressing a simple uncluttered and celibate lifestyle. They aim to be open, to heal and to release the gifts of those they meet. They are accountable to those with whom they live and see all that they undertake as enabling people to grow towards their full potential.

Companions of the Grail live independently and follow their chosen occupation. This makes specific demands on each person but also provides challenge, support and guidance. They meet regularly in area groups and aim to be alert to developments and needs in both Church and society so as to bring an informed response to daily situations.

Companions and the Grail Community spend time together each year to share more deeply the ethos and mission of the Grail.

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