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Notre Dame de Vie Institute


Monique Varenne

Notre Dame de Vie website:

Notre Dame de Vie (Our Lady of Life) is a Secular Institute of Pontifical Right, belonging to the Carmelite family. It was founded by Fr Marie-Eugene, a French Carmelite priest, and Marie Pila, a laywoman, in 1932.

Members of Notre Dame de Vie: consecrated laywomen, laymen and priests (mostly diocesan), combine consecration with professional activity or priestly ministry, putting daily contemplative prayer and the Eucharist at the heart of their lives.

They strive to bear witness to the Living God and to the primacy of the spiritual at work, in their involvement in parish life, especially in catechesis, and in the organisation of retreats for adults and young people.

They are present in 20 countries throughout the world. Associates and families share the same charism.

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